Call for expression of interest as trainers

The training support scheme in a nutshell

We are looking for senior trainers who will deliver the course to the refugees during our Training support scheme
based on the ENTRECOMP Framework by the EU Commission, both Intermediate and Advanced level.


The training course aims to develop the competences of refugees (18-34 yrs) who are willing to start their
own business in the host country (Italy, Finland, Spain and Austria).

The training aims to:

Improve knowledge of the host market and of the local business environment

Help refugees to assess the feasibility of their business project

Guide refugees in implementing their own ideas and help them concretely to start their enterprise

Offer refugees practical information and advice on legal, financial and procedural aspects 

Improve their knowledge of the local rules useful to start and manage a business

The training will be focused on achieving migrapreneurs key target competencies in the field of:



  • Vision: imagine and develop a future scenario. Help to turn idea into concrete action steps.

  • Valuing ideas: need to learn how ideas can be valuable in the company.

  • Ethical and sustainable Thinking: identifying stakeholders and the impact the idea will have to them and to community.


  • Self-awareness and self-efficacy: identify and assess personal and possible team strengths and weaknesses.

  • Mobilising resources: find, mobilise and manage sufficient resources (labor, capital, networks and stakeholders) for the venture.

  • Financial and economic literacy: estimating the market-entry cost, financial viability planning and company valuation.


  • Coping with uncertainty and risk: evaluate risks and benefits and take the decision to act with uncertain outcome.

  • Learning through experience: learn from the experience of working with others and use all the work as a learning experience

Profile of attendees

The training course invites young refugees (18-34 yrs) through awareness-raising and educational activities in the field
of entrepreneurship.

Participants will reflect the regional diversity of the host countries, and it is expected, considering their status that
participants from the principle diaspora groups will be in attendance.

Nature of the task

We are looking for senior trainers who will prepare, implement and evaluate the training course.


Main competence asked for:

Conceptual and practical knowledge and training experience regarding entrepreneurship, intercultural learning and
non-formal educational methodologies

Conceptual and practical knowledge and training experience in the following fields will be considered a plus: hate
speech, racism, discrimination, intercultural and inter-faith dialogue

Basic knowledge of the ENTRECOMP framework

Working knowledge of English, knowledge of one between Spanish, Arabic, Franch is an added value

Candidates will be evaluated according to an assessment matrix, which includes the following features:

Background and experience

  • Native language and level of: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, others.

  • Business skills e.g., how to structure a business; how to communicate it; etc.

  • Didactic skills experience in training

  • Cultural and linguistic facilitator experiences with migrants

  • Years of experience

  • Soft Skills: sensitivity to topics like: inclusion, cohesion, integration, creation of a support network, development of a
    sustainable business

Teacher Lecture


The candidate should indicate how much time he/she can dedicate to the EUStartGees training. It is envisaged that
each trainer will be involved for no more than two days per week. His/her availability to hold the class training at
the partners’ premises will further be assessed.

Delivery Scheme

Training will be delivered as a mix of face to face and subsequently webinars as courses advance.


The proposed structure of these trainings is to ensure a deliverable is provided as a final output of each cohort.
In the first cohort which is called “CONNECT!”, as a Trainer, you will be expected to work each startup team in the
program through supporting and mesure their entrepreneurial intent, build their self-confidence and drive their idea
to a clear startup project. 

In the second cohort “THINK AND DESIGN!”, the business plan template is expected to be completed to a certain
level following structure of key competencies to be developed. At this stage in the training, it is expected that the
advanced level entrepreneurs have a sophisticated level of knowledge to begin processing and implementing
business idea. For this reason, the beneficiaries will be introduced to some fundamental notions necessary to
approach the entrepreneurial path.

After the training, the participants will enter into the mentoring phase, called “GROW!”. The key expectation for the
subsequent 4 weeks will focus on valuation of product and pricing and the procedures to launch the business.
Your work during the period will be financially compensated according to a flat budget defined together with
the EU Commission.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Skills requested

  • Lean Canvas Business and Prototype development workshops

  • Design thinking/ Ideation

  • Product development and valuation

  • Business development and strategic planning

  • Financial planning and Analysis- Intercultural Metrics


The trainer has documented experience as member of international teams and in leading international teams
during training/educational activities; he/she has formal or non-formal educational background in youth
entrepreneurship and possibly in working with migrants and refugees; has been involved in delivering
training for at least 2 years, and implementing a learning process in at least international and/or intercultural
youth training activities.

  • To elaborate training on the basis of the syllabus provided

  • To provide corresponding structured content based on their expertise on each chosen topic

  • To deliver the training both via face to face and remotely

  • Knowledge of the hosting country language (Italian, French, Spanish and Finnish) and full command of English

  • Knowledge of other foreign languages will be considered as an added value 

Are you a potential Trainer?