Call for expression of interest as mentors

Call for mentors

We are looking for mentors who will support and mentor young refugees (18-34 yrs) during our programme. By helping them set up their own company and guiding them every step along the way.

The mentoring aims to

To further develop the business plan of the refugee

Prepare for starting a company in practice

Help on the pitching process to defend their projects in front of investors on the Demo-day

Profile of mentors

Audience Clapping

The type of mentors we are looking for

  • Entrepreneurs with a history of building their own companies

  • Willingness to teach: being successful does not mean capacity of teaching

  • Fluent on written and spoken English to guarantee an excellent transmission of information. Due to the characteristics of the project in some cases another language would be an added value if it is like most of the participants of each batch

  • We value previous involvement with refugee

Nature of the task

We are looking for mentors who help and guide the refugee during the process. 


Main competence asked for:

Conceptual and practical knowledge and training experience regarding entrepreneurship, intercultural learning and non-formal educational methodologies

Conceptual and practical knowledge and training experience in the following fields will be considered a plus: hate speech, racism, discrimination, intercultural and inter-faith dialogue

Working knowledge of English, knowledge of one between Spanish, Arabic, French is an added value

Candidates will be evaluated according to an assessment matrix, which includes the following features

Background and experience

  • Fluent on written and Spoken English another language is of added value

  • History in building their own business

  • Didactic skills experience in training

  • Cultural and linguistic facilitator experiences with migrants

  • Years of experience

  • Soft Skills: sensitivity to topics like: inclusion, cohesion, integration, creation of a support network, development of a sustainable business

Public Speaker


The candidate should indicate how much time he/she can dedicate to the EUStartGees training. It is envisaged that each trainer will be involved for no more than two days per week. His/her availability to hold the class training at the partners’ premises will further be assessed.

Delivery Scheme

All steps carried out in the mentoring process must be recorded and filed, batch and mentor/mentee relationship.  By keeping written records of all activities, the consortium can guarantee the evolution of the joint work. Neither the mentor nor the mentee has to feel observed by keeping records of activities. 


The most important points to be considered are:

  • Minutes of matching meetings

  • Minutes of mentorship meetings

  • Follow up steps 

  • Progress

Business Meeting

Skills requested

  • Lean Canvas Business and Prototype development workshops

  • Design thinking/ Ideation

  • Product development and valuation

  • Business development and strategic planning

  • Financial planning and Analysis - Intercultural Metrics


The mentor has documented experience as member of international teams and in leading international teams during training/educational activities; he/she has formal or non-formal educational background in youth entrepreneurship and possibly in working with migrants and refugees; has been involved in delivering training for at least 2 years, and implementing a learning process in at least international and/or intercultural youth training activities.

  • to provide corresponding structured content based on their expertise on each chosen topic

  • to deliver the training both via face to face and remotely

  • Knowledge of the hosting country language (Italian, French, Spanish and Finnish) and full command of English

  • knowledge of other foreign languages will be considered as an added value 

Are you a potential Mentor?