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Project Partners

Fondazione Eris

Our lead of project Eris Foundation came to life in 2013, with the specific aim to support vulnerable people with social, psychological and health care services. Their work with migrants has been focused on supporting people suffering from any kind of discrimination.

Located in Milan, Italy, Fondazione Eris is a Lead Partner and Technical Coordinator

for EUStartGees​

Chapter #2

Chapter #2 is an organisation that provides community and facilities for the inclusion and emotional support of migrants towards economic independence. In the past year, they have designed and executed an incubation programme, where they mentor migrants to start their own business.


Their operations are located in Bages, Barcelona, Spain, and as another project partner will provide the evaluation for the support of migrants in Spain.


IVC is a consulting firm created in 1970 with the goal of helping international companies in their implementation to the Spanish Market. Over the years, IVC has focused on topics like multiculturalism and diversity, and developed an accelerator to support new companies and invested in other initiatives.


Their operations are located in Madrid, Spain, and as another project partner will be able to share and shape the mentoring programme for EUStartGees.

X23 - The Innovation Bakery™

X23 – The Innovation Bakery™, founded in Italy and registered at MIUR (Italian Ministry of Research at n. #60954DHH), is committed to Research, radical sustainable innovation, operating as an independent multidisciplinary, self-sustaining center and coordinating large partnerships and programmes in Europe and beyond.

Funded as Xóôlab (Ferrara - Italy, 1999) as a polyhedral laboratory of scientists in physics, applied math, engineering and ars-technica performers devoted to experimentalism and radical Research (see also X|S (Rome - Italy, 2006). Then we mixed with ”The Twenty-Three” (Milan and Rome, Italy), a group of revolutionary strategists, analysts, radical economics modelists committed to disrupt industrial processes in EU.


Fair development, social empowerment, fundamental ethics constitute our core values. As a result, X23 is catalysing multidisciplinary pioneering projects, applying its own methodology, and committing a bland of high skills in R&D, economy, project design and PCM — transformational process serving the citizens.


OESB is a consulting firm founded in the 1990s, working in translating actual and future challenges of the labour market into solutions for people and businesses in Austria. As of today, they have counselled nearly 600 people with a migrant background.


Their operations are located in 12 cities in Austria, but mainly in Vienna and as a project partner will be supporting different assessments and engagement of EUStartGees.

Phoenix Ra

Phoenix Ra owns the Startup Refugees Initiative, a non-profit voluntary network founded in 2015, supporting asylum seekers and refugees throughout employment and entrepreneurship. Their network consists of more than 500 members, including government officials, other nonprofits and companies.


Located in Northern Finland, Phoenix Ra covers up to 11 cities and is one of the Project Partners and supporting the development of the training programme for EUStartGees.​