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In every bad situation, comes celebration to cheer people up. Amidst the pandemic, several countries celebrate ‘’World Refugee Day’ through different initiatives. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness on the struggles of over 70 million refugees, asylum seekers and displaced people worldwide.

This is in-line with our EuStartGees programme as it aims at promoting young refugees from different communities, helping grow their businesses and also giving them a purpose despite the violence experienced from their home country.

#WithRefugees is a petition run by UNHCR and it aims to gather universal support for the increasing number of families who were compelled to bolt on War and Oppression Worldwide. This petition also calls on over fifty Governmental bodies around the world to ensure that each refugee child gets an education and each refugee family around the world has a safe haven, and can either work or learn a new skill in-order to impact positively to society.

EuStartGees has been encouraging both migrants and refugees over the past few years and this is why we have to appreciate these Refugees on this special day.

In celebrating World Refugee Day which happens annually on the 20th of June, a documentary has been filmed to create awareness on the importance of refugees and their success stories. This documentary is titled ‘’Dimmi chi sono" which means “Tell Me, Who I am“ by Sergio Basso. It shares an unusual yet original narrative about the biography of the people of Khudunabari which is a refugee camp in Nepal where over 100,000 Bhutanese exiles live. This short film brings to light the history of the Lotshampa people through Sarita who is a 13 year old girl born in the khudunabari refugee camp. Also, there were testimonies shared on how the people of Bhutanese were forced to Khudunabari.

Cyprus has also joined the movement by calling on individuals to support Refugees by joining a protest by showing solidarity with ‘’Refugees’’. The aim of this movement is to demonstrate democracy, peace and equal treatment and human rights against discrimination, racism and fascism. The world is changing and refugees around the world through claiming asylum are becoming the next best thing as they are not just refugees, but they also contribute greatly to the society as a whole.

Lets celebrate our Refugees and give them a reason to forge #AHEAD despite the ordeals they have been through in their home countries

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