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EU StartGees kicked off in Finland

An enthusiastic crowd of refugees, immigrants, entrepreneurs and business-minded people gathered to hear about the entrepreneurship training organised by Startup Refugees and EU StartGees in a hot June evening in Helsinki, Finland. 

Mustafa Adbulameer and Kati Lappeteläinen from Startup Refugees presented the programme, its contents and called for people to join in the venture. Few stories of immigrant entrepreneurs gave motivating examples on how the entrepreneurship training can result in starting a real business. 

Bagdad Barbers is a barber shop in downtown Helsinki and Alexi’s Kitchen is a catering company servicing various type of customers in Helsinki metropolitan area. The four men behind the two businesses are former graduates in the entrepreneurship programme of Startup Refugees who were able to push through the hard times and challenges with Migration Office and make their business sustainable, thanks to their supportive mentors.

After the presentations, participants stayed to ask questions, talk and get to know each other. The event was a success and we were excited to hear how many expressed their interest in joining the project as participants, mentors or in other supportive roles. We hope to see more stories like Bagdad Barbers and Alexi’s Kitchen formed through the EU StartGees entrepreneurship trainings.

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