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EUStartGees 1st DEMO DAY 2020 - a taste of entrepreneurship!

On September 2020 we celebrated together the powerful, inspiring business ideas from the migrant entrepreneurs together with great speakers, friends and experts. We spiced up the day!

There was a full house in the virtual stage when this year’s EuStartGees 1st DEMO DAY Event went live two days ago. 

On September 28, The DEMO DAY Event was filled with aspiring migrapreneurs. Seven migrapreneurs had in fact taken the trip to the virtual stage to share their business ideas and their inspiring stories - all while receiving advice and feedback from the event’s six judges: 

  1. Giuseppe Laquidara, Co-founder of X23 and Ph.D. in Physics of Complex Systems and Acoustic Waves Specialist

  2. Amal Jibril, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Migration Jam

  3. Tazin Shadid, CEO of YY Ventures

  4. Nigel Stonham, Founder of The Learning Street

  5. Adel Albaghdadi, Founder of WE-Organization

  6. Graham Jonas, representative for Cuisine Lab

The panel of judges, with their strong expertise in Startup and Migrant Entrepreneurship, eagerly asked questions and shared their advice to all the migrapreneurs pitching, before they went on to vote for the best Startup Idea of the day. 

Migrant entrepreneurship is crucial to the business world of the future. Therefore, EUStartGees, Migration Jam and WE Organization brought together the best from their programme for an event with full attention to growing and developing a business idea. And there was plenty of inspiration to pick up! 

In the first session, the first 3 pitchers from the EustartGees training and mentoring programme presented their business ideas:

  • Billo Keita with Cucina Libera Tutti, a place where all can have their spot to organise and celebrate family reunion lunches, parties and traditional festivity happenings.

  • Max Laboudallon with SEY-FRESH, an express service to get fresh, bio, yummy, ethnic, exotic food  at your table.

  • René Merlos with Straight Forward, a tailored service for immigrants who are struggling in the bureaucracy from their hosting country helping out from day 1!

In the second session, the pitcher from WE Organization presented her business idea:

  • Rahaf Allymoni with Daffee, a 100% caffeine-free energy booster. Made from organic upcycled roasted date seeds.

On the 3rd and final session, the last 3 pitchers from Migration Jam presented their business ideas:

  • Suha Nabhan with her idea to create an online platform to support artists in the middle east on networking, collaboration and coordination with other artists.

  • Mohammad Sheik Alard with Beyond Kitchen, a collaborative work space for foodies that gather world cuisine on one table.

  • Ibrahim Kamara with his idea to solve real-world problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence

To further enrich the level of the entertainment, all jury members were called out for introducing their organisation and initiative so at the end of each of the pitch session a brief but intense speech was given. 

While the jury members were into the voting process, the audience had the opportunity to meet Julie Murat from BridgeforBillions. Julie is passionate about equalizing opportunities by making resources available to any motivated entrepreneur. She is also a facilitator of retreats for global Changemakers with ChangemakerXchange, which is why she was a well suited guest speaker for this particular event.

And finally the best Startup Idea of ​​the DEMO DAY event was announced: Rahaf Allymoni with her business idea Daffee, which entails a tasty beverage from upcycling the date seeds to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Rahaf received the certificate award due to her dedicated approach to entrepreneurship, her ability to devise the right business model, for the courage to share her inspiring business love story and not least for her long-term business vision where sustainability is in focus. 

For the EUStartGees, it is important that all the entrepreneurs bring as much feedback, advice and tips home as possible and to have some useful take aways. Both some inspiration from people like our highly skilled judges as well as some professional input, in which they can concretely use to further develop their business ideas. 

As mentioned during the event, “Being an entrepreneur is a long path and needs time, commitment and resilience. All mixed up with positive attitude and a bit of luck!”.

This is just the beginning for our Brave Entrepreneurs and we are sure we will hear about them in the near future!

Stay tuned to follow our EUStartGees activities and celebrate the next event together!

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