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EUStartGees Info Event Moving forward and engaging the local community to reach new goals!

Join us on this challenge to empower refugees!

The EUStartGees Consortium is proud to announce the first public event of the project occurred in Milan, Italy, on 13th June 2019, hosted by the Lead Partner, Fondazione Eris.

The EUStartGees project is about supporting refugees and asylum seeker to create, develop, and grow business ideas to stimulate the entrepreneurial intent and the start of an entrepreneurial life. The targets are young refugees between 18-29 years old, being recognized that these refugees face many challenges when moving to a new country to start over their life’s.

They don’t speak the language, and they came with the humanitarian needs of housing, health care, welfare, employment, education, and community. Considering they have a lack of certifications and networks, the EUStartGees Project is designing a smart, intense entrepreneurial support to help them become self-employed while at the same time creates the conditions for full inclusion in the hosting community. The project is being implemented in Italy, Austria, Finland, Spain, and Germany.

One of the key milestone of the project is to raise awareness among the stakeholders at local level, so that to start together a co-creation process to understand the refugees needs and expectations, but ultimately to build the ground-base for a mutual benefit cooperation. To this extent, the Event was designed as a personalised interactive happening with a few selected stakeholders from Milan and Lombardy region, with the main approach to demonstrate the project’s mission and objectives. The happening started at 14:00 and included a very interactive session with the attendees, under the guidance of the Lead Partners.

Given the recommendations from the EU to liaise and interact with previous co-funded project in the migrant entrepreneurial support, a specific session was dedicated to the Coordinator from the ME4Change Project – Marika Mazzi Boém from X23 - who presented the project and the results achieved in the 24 months of implementation. One of the most relevant was represented by the ME4Change Coalition, launched at the final dissemination event and presented to the attendees.

The floor was then of the Project Coordinator of EUStartGees – Pietro Maria Farneti, Manager Director at Fondazione Eris - who introduced the mission and values of Fondazione Eris, which has a focus in supporting vulnerable people with social, psychological and health care services, especially the migrants who suffer from any discrimination.

The event then move to its core: Davide Carminati – Fondazione Eris -, presented specifically the main points of the Project, i.e. the mission, the concept idea, and the expected results.

Davide pointed out that treating refugees as the problem is the problem, being humanly necessary to look at all the negative perceptions from a different perspective. For example, the assessment survey made by EUStartGees shows that 60% of the total migrants interviewed in Austria, Finland, Italy, and Spain have the interest to start a business in the host country.

A detailed presentation of the training and mentoring programme was also provided to the attendees.

The Coordinator from ME4Change, then took the word again and introduced an overview of the ME4Change Coalition. The Coalition aims to create synergies between organisations and projects in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support. Besides, CAPs, Policy Makers, and another kind of networks are all welcome to join ME4Change Coalition. Marika also mentions the ME4Change Competence Toolbox and MigraProgram, which will come with new purposes not only for all those involved in the ME4Change Project but also for the new ones who want to join.

An intense discussion was then initiated with the attendees around key challenges topics of the Project. It was mentioned the ones about the target group, such as the main points and barriers around their profile. Besides the lack of knowledge and skills, the vast majority have poor access to informal and formal channels, demonstrating that the stakeholder engagement is a key part of the EUStartGees Project. The contribution of the attendees were enriching, bringing different perspectives about how to expand and strengthen this newcomer entrepreneurship.

This is just the beginning of what we are working on to create #empowerment to #refugees. Everyone is welcome! #refugeeswelcome #nooneisbanned

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If you are interested to join to the ME4Change Coalition, get in touch in or contact Marika Mazzi Boém, ME4Change Leader and Initiator (



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