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EUStartGees on air! Introducing “The Brave Entrepreneurs” Podcast

We are restless at the EUStartGees programme, aren’t we?

Happy to announce the launch of our flagship audio podcast ‘‘The Brave Entrepreneurs Podcast series’’! This episodal podcast aims to share real-life experiences of brilliant, brave guys across Europe and beyond, the struggles, blood sweat and tears that goes into making it as an entrepreneur or a performer, a scientist, a sports enthusiast.

We have a global perspective! So, not only countries like Austria, Finland, Italy and Spain will be covered, but we have in mind to showcase the great role models out there to inspire more people and change their lives!

So, what’s the scope?

To encourage individuals who have doubts in starting their entrepreneurial journey, but not only. To ultimately drive you to amazing stories from any sector and from great, brilliant and powerful guys who dare the most to make their lives worth living!

Interested to be featured?

Do you know anyone who could be a great fit? Then tag him/her in comments and we will be there!

And stay tuned! First episode will be launched soon!

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