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EUStartGees programme in Finland

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

EUStartGees programme is implemented in Austria, Finland, Italy and Spain. Let’s take a glance at how the programme is progressing in Finland. Here are the most bright events that happened in Finland since the beginning of the year:


At the beginning of the year, the first ever entrepreneurship training course in Arabic has started in Finland by Startup Refugees. Taha Othman led a workshop on team work skills for 14 future entrepreneurs, both men and women.


End of May, 6 mentors have been coaching, encouraging and advising mentees in Finland for a month as part of the spring entrepreneurship programme with Startup Refugees. One of them is Michael Arage, who has mentored Francis and Diaz, two fellows aiming at starting international businesses in Finland.


In early June, EUStartGees celebrated a Demo Day of the spring entrepreneurship course participants in Helsinki, Finland, with a small group of graduates participating physically and some virtually. As a part of their graduation, the participants pitched their business ideas for the very first time. We saw pitches of businesses for a travelling application, Vietnamese cooking classes, media production, and handmade jewellery.

The graduates deserved big applause since they kept working hard despite the many changes coronavirus brought to the schedule and plans and adapting so well into an online studying environment.

Ability to adapt to change is one of the key characteristics of an entrepreneur, and these people have it!

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