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EUStartGees takes part in the 2020 Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit

October 28 will mark EUStartGees first ever own session at the 2020 Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit. Come sharing the experience with us!

At EUStartGees we believe in constant self improvement and making us the best we can possibly be in offering quality support programmes to refugee and migrant entrepreneurs. We know that we can not reach this alone, without the help of our peers in the same field of work. And cooperation is at the forefront of migrants and refugees support that is why we accepted the invitation from CFE Refugee Entrepreneurship Network (REN) to deliver an out-break session during this year Summit. 

The CFE Refugee Entrepreneurship Network is a global community working to improve the scale and impact of refugee entrepreneurship programmes. It brings together practitioners, philanthropic foundations, researchers, academics and investors that actively support refugee entrepreneurship. The Network annually hosts a Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit, and despite the ongoing pandemic, things are no different this year. 

The aim of the Global Refugee Entrepreneurship Summit, in which we will participate, is to bring together members of the Refugee Entrepreneurship Network, practitioners running refugee entrepreneurship programmes, philanthropists, international organisations and researchers, in order to foster knowledge exchange, share good practice and design solutions for the sector’s challenges through different workshops and panel debates.

The EUStartGees project, co-funded by the European Union, will be featured during the session Emerging from Crisis: Including refugee entrepreneurs in the business recovery from Covid-19 designed and co-hosted with the TERN organization. With featuring Speakers from X23, Startup Refugees, Chapter2, DeliteLabs and TERN organisations, we aim to give and receive innovative suggestions and best practices on overcoming the Covid-19 hurdles of refugee entrepreneurship, both in national policy context and private sector practices. 

We warmly invite you to join us on the 28th of October at 4-5pm CEST at this link, to discuss with us covid-19 hurdles and solutions for refugee entrepreneurship, from different country perspectives. 

See you soon!

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