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EUStartGees: the new mini-training and mentoring programme starting in 2 weeks!

EUStartGees entrepreneurial specialists have a wide range of tools that can help you as an entrepreneur - from the  idea concept to the already established business for boosting the growth. The programme holds training modules and a mentoring scheme to enable you to be on track in a very fast way. 

If you have an entrepreneurial dream, it can be an advantage for you to participate in EUStartGees training and mentoring programme, which gives you a really good starting point or a boost for moving forward with starting your business. With participation, you gain valuable knowledge and a range of tools, so you will be better equipped to get started or to grow your business. 

If you are a migrant or a refugee in the idea stage of your business or a more mature one - this programme is ideal for you. It is completely FREE! The only thing it costs is your time, but it’s time well spent! 

The upcoming mini- training and mentoring programme - our 4th batch - will include the extraordinary participation from  Kyla Mitsunaga, an Award-Winning Professor and founder of the “Happiness Workshop” and owns her own company WITH Warriors. The training programme will be delivered by experienced mentors from our network, and by X23, 25+ years of background experience in (social) innovation and entrepreneurial support schemes. 

Not only will our qualified specialists act as your trainers, they will also act as your mentors. You will have the opportunity to get beneficial feedback from an outside neutral person who is not part of your work life and can give you hints and tips for making your business great! Our mentors have a strong network, lots of experience and the desire to listen! Furthermore, their backgrounds are very diverse, with some being strong in strategy while others are strong in sales, marketing, administration and management. 

What will you get:

Online and structured courses divided into two phases: training and mentoring, FULLY DIGITAL, that are distributed between;

  • 10 weeks

  • 1/2 times a week

  • 45 min per training

  • 10 useful topics

  • 30 people all over Europe

  • 3 experienced lecturers

  • 1 life-changing experience

The Entrepreneurship courses *entrepreneurship in practice*

If you go with a dream of becoming an entrepreneur, it can be extremely beneficial to attend our entrepreneurship courses. It turns out that the “survival rate” is much higher among the entrepreneurs who have participated in entrepreneurship courses. 

Our entrepreneurship courses are tailored so that we get around various essential aspects of running your own business: 

1-Training module - Making Business (Nov 23)

2-Training module - Marketing (Nov 30)

3-Training module - Business planning (Dec 7)

4-Training module - Access to funding (Dec 14)

5-Training module - Communication (Jan 11)

6-Training module - Perfect Pitching (Jan 18)

The Mentoring scheme: *an entrepreneurial booster*

7-Mentoring module with Kyla - Limiting Belief Work (Jan 25)

8-Mentoring module with Kyla - Becoming Friends WITH Fear (Feb 1)

9-Mentoring module with Kyla - Growing Your Mindset (Feb 8)

10-Ready, steady, go: Up to the Demo Day! (Feb 15)

What you will learn:

A full overview of all areas of business operations. The starting point is your own company, and after the last course you will have a complete business plan, ready to be pitched. The program also gives you the opportunity to network with other like-minded people and get inspiration to strengthen your business. 

If this has piqued your interest, then hurry up and sign up for the program here

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