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In Solidarity - The Migration Blanket

A short film ‘In Solidarity - The Migration Blanket’ will be released soon, which highlights the plight of refugee and migrant women during the crisis and calls for solidarity.

The film was created during COVID-19 by Refugee and Asylum Seeker women, an International Artist, Human Rights Activist, and our EUStartGees interviewee for the Brave Entrepreneurs Podcast - Salma Zulfiqar.

The artwork shines a light on the need for compassion, tolerance, and acceptance of Refugees and Migration and gives Refugee and Asylum Seeker girls and women through a voice creative expression. The artwork is a call for solidarity with refugees especially taking into account the recent lockdown measures all over the globe, which influenced millions of people’s lives. In this case, 30 girls and women, representing over 20 different nations and 4 continents took part in the initiative, trying to change the situation with refugee acceptance for the better.

It is important to emphasize that this project took place online during these extremely challenging circumstances at the peak of COVID-19 earlier in 2020 connecting vulnerable girls and women in the West Midlands, London, and Manchester, the UK to a global community where they broke the cycle of isolation, achieved the creative skills and learned more about the human rights. The girls from the refugee camps and orphanages — all over the world — were united for the same goal in one project.

They contributed to this international collective digital artwork, breaking boundaries and creating new friendships during the global pandemic which has crippled societies around the world. The positive impact of this project can be followed not only in their lives but it has been wide-ranging for the society in general.

We are happy to share with you the trailer of the film HERE. Of course, we encourage you to check more information about the movie and artist on the YouTube channel HERE.

In those vigorous times of despair, this truly encouraging story is a blast for all the humanity, who are looking for inspiration! The film is supported by H.E Vanja Filipovic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UK.

Check more news, related to this topic on our last episode #8 from EUSTARTGEES The Brave Entrepreneurs Podcast with Salma Zulfiqar.

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