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Interview: The retrospective on Kyla’s methodology

Not a breakdown but a breakthrough

Our training & mentoring program is going on!

As all you know, in EUStartGees, we as X23 ( in partnership with a consortium of EU partners, help migrapreuners by creating a powerful program that helps them develop their business from the very seed stage. The program aims to empower young entrepreneurs to become independent, self-employed & motivated residents of local soci

ety. Creating a business is challenging; creating business in a foreign country would be stressful twice, especially for migrants & refugees. Lack of secure and stable employment makes them more vulnerable and stressed. Young entrepreneurs often face deficiency with recognition of their talents and doubting their skills, which might have a negative effect on their well-being. Focusing on achieving their goals and establishing a business is still important to keep a positive attitude and a healthy mind. It is not a secret that our brave migrapreneurs sometimes need someone to guide and support their mental health.

Within our mentoring program, we organised the mentoring classes from famous TEDx speaker, professor Kyla Mitsunaga. Kyla is a worldwide happiness coach, Harvard alumni, Forbes Coaches Council Member author of several books, founder of Happiness Workshop and her own company With Warriors!

The original coaching method is an outcome of long-term studying and the personal experience of Kyla. The training sessions are crafted precisely to inspire & find motivation and to deeply explore your personality to work on flaws and learn with the coach. In her SM posts, Kyla often refers to the word “WITH”, because her technique implies learning with an audience and overcoming fears and difficulties with her workshop participants. Kyla creates a flow of positive energy in the workshops & training: all sessions are built to be highly interactive, energetic, and make participants speak up. Moreover, the author implies the technique of deep connection with participants & broad emotional engagement. The personal transformation is created in a tie with the deep emotional cleansing moment. As the author states, “You won’t remember what I said, but you will remember how I made you feel.”

The “WITH warriors” program has several training opportunities. The first one is personal training is 1:1 Energy Healing followed by a 4-week book club based on “On growing book.

Kyla Mitsunaga also offers “With warriors” programmes, lasting eight weeks, including four different circles:

1. Happiness Growth

2. Spiritual Growth

3. Money Growth

4. Business Growth

The training pieces depend on personal growth and include “Happiness growth” and “Business growth.”

The most extended program, the Incubator for women entrepreneurs is dedicated to creating business and lasts 16 weeks.

All these programs were developed and spread around 16 countries across three continents around the globe. As Kyla said herself, traveling and delivering speeches helped her establish the programs she has these days. The heartbreaking news that her mom got diagnosed with early-onset dementia caused a depressed condition and she could not help herself. In these rough days, Kyla found help in Theta healing practices. Later, she applied these personal experiences to all her training programs to help people find a way to overcome life challenges.

In the training sessions with EuStartGees, our best friend Kyla uses a combination of all her techniques that come from her personal experience. The sessions are built on one main simple preposition: “With.” The author interacts with trainees on a very personal level and applies the techniques from Theta healing. The methodology she delivers to participants is directed to inner transformation, with a coach to improve their mental health and get a more profound understanding of their core values, goals, and things that bring them happiness. During the session, Kyla teaches universal techniques that trainees can apply for different life situations. Tracking the progress of training sessions is dependent on trainees’ self-sentiment.

The coaching is over when the trainee can use techniques without a coach and become self-sufficient. As Kyla says, “Good coach holds a mirror so you could see who you are”.


EUStartGees is a co-financed programme by the European Union to help refugees in establishing and growing their business ideas and turn them into successful companies. The programme is executed in Austria, Finland, Italy and Spain and focuses on young refugees who are willing to succeed in the entrepreneurship field. The programme is created in collaboration with FondazioneEris (Lead Partner), CHAPTER#2, IVC (both from Spain), X23 - The Innovation Bakery™ [designed the programme, built the partnership], ÖSB Consulting (Austria), Startup Refugees (Finland).

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