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IVC about inclusion in Spain

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Spain is a country where refugees are welcomed. They come from difficult situations in their home countries looking for a bright future.

The different authorities in Spain from national government to local authorities have created several procedures to provide first aid and minimum resources to establish in the country during the first months until they regularize their situation.

There are many organizations that are involved on this first stage and it is well covered.

However, after this stage, it seems to be an empty space where refugees cannot get a job as they don't have their documentation ready, but cannot access first aid as they have before..

At IVC, we have talked to some organizations, to explain the EU StartGees project and look for ways of collaborating. And we have learned that these entities are planning to fill in that empty space. They have concluded that many refugees have the knowledge and strength to create their own company.

These people do not want our charity, they want to work and built wealth in the country that has accepted them.

What does it mean for EU StartGees project? On one hand is a very strong reinforcement of the work we are delivering. On the other hand, it means that our job has a present but also a brilliant future.

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