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Join us at the EUStartGees MIGRAPRENEURS DEMO DAY #2 | Brave Entrepreneurs Pitches!

Power comes from exchanging ideas, not hoarding them. On March 12, brilliant-minded migrant entrepreneurs are sharing their entrepreneurial journey, showing us how far they’ve gone with the help of the EUStartGees programme. From sketching the idea into realizing it with intense training, mentoring programme, and social network expansion EUStartGees provides.

Covid-19 will not stop us from inspiring immigrants to chase their dreams! Hear and learn from the testimonials and presentations of other migrapreneurs. There will be Q&A sessions, joined by startup experts, potential investors and collaborators. If you want to start to realise that brilliant idea which has been keeping you up all night, that you just can’t stop thinking about it, now is the time for you to join us on Demo Day #2 with other ambitious people! Listen to the ideas and lessons migrapreneurs gained from entrepreneurial support programmes delivered by the EUStartGees initiative. We believe their courage and resilience will inspire you as much as they inspired us.

Gain insight and good advice

Demo Days is the time for migrapreneurs to shine. It gives a platform to migrant participants who have an idea in mind, to showcase their great visions and missions to business experts, experienced entrepreneurs, potential investors or collaborators, and to the world. They will share the experience and knowledge from what they learned during the FREE entrepreneurial support programme delivered by the EUStartGees initiative, and will receive feedback and suggestions for continuing on their road to success! At the end of the event, we will reveal the Best ESG Startup Idea!

Introduction for migrapreneurs:

  • Zoily Mejia

  • Yasmin Ayala

  • Laetitia Nguea

Save your date: 12 March 2021 | 4 PM CET

On our digital stage the entrepreneurs will present their ideas to business professionals, skilful entrepreneurs, potential investors, collaborators, and our unacknowledged audience. The participants will showcase what they learned from the entrepreneurial support programme designed by EUStartGees and pitch their ideas. In return, they will receive valuable feedback from our experts to help them continue their successful journey more smoothly. One of the pitches will be titled as the “Best ESG Startup Idea” by the end of the event.

Don’t miss it if you want to start realising the idea that keeps you up all night! Save your date on March 12, 2021, at 4 PM CET! You’re going to see our brave entrepreneurs pitching and telling their inspiring stories! Connect yourself with brilliant-minded people and kick start your road to success!

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