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Join us! We are sharing some tips on how to grow your business as a refugee or migrant!

Join us! We are sharing some tips on how to design, develop, and grow your business as a refugee or migrant!

Refugees skills development program

Promoting and Supporting Migrant Entrepreneurship Young refugees and other migrants are significantly less likely to get secure employment. When they do, they are proportionally concentrated in vulnerable or precarious forms of work. While entrepreneurship could be a viable possibility for these young people, they often face various obstacles, including a lack of recognition of their skills and competencies, gained abroad, or in their country of origin. Recognition of these skills is a key factor for the smooth transition to decent work for migrant workers and refugees, yet it is all too often overlooked by the very institutions that can facilitate this process.

Learn something new every day! If you decided not to invest in yourself, why should somebody wish to invest something in you? A few decades ago, when you were required to learn something new, it meant spending a couple of evenings a week at a local school, maybe taking a photography or bookkeeping class from a bored night school instructor. Thanks to the internet and digitalization, you have the chance to learn everything by yourself or from online courses. Challenge yourself to learn something new every day. It can help your career, your personal life, and your mental well-being, making you a happier and more productive person overall!

Benefits of Learning Something New

  • Learning Makes You More Interesting to Others

  • You’ll Make More Friends

  • Build self-efficacy

  • Learning Fuels Creativity

  • Find a More Rewarding Career

Here are some amazing places to learn something new:

But if you want to start or grow your business, then you can join us!

We have designed an entrepreneurial support programme fit for refugees and migrants!

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