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Loneliness: A Situation Amongst South Sudanese Refugees

Following South Sudan's inception since 2011, it's been scarred by bloodshed and uncertainty.

After the war which led to the movement of nearly four million people, out of which two million people have been able to seek asylum as refugees in neighbouring countries are mostly women and children.

According to one of the UNHCR staff members "Loneliness is the greatest killer for south sudanese refugees". Young mothers most times find themselves detached and lonely in the new refugee camps and this has led to an increasing number in the suicide rate among these young women.

In a bid to put an end to this self-slaughter, an amazing and concerned individual in the name of Sarah and her team of seven ‘’who are south sudanese refugees’’ , decided to set up a hair salon despite the fact that they had no training in the hair field. They Set up base in the Bidi Bidi refugee camp.

This was more than a business to these women, as their major goal was to find a way ‘’by all means necessary’’ to build a community for single mothers and also give them a reason not to self-destruct anymore.

Sarah’s goals were expressed through hairstyles and every hairstyle represents a deep emotion felt by the South sudanese women. This was more than a fashion but a statement as each hairstyle had its own style and essence.

Mary Sande, a Southern Sudeanese who recently arrived, expressed how familiar she was with everyone in the village but felt alone though as her husband recently left and this made her think things too ‘’much’’. Until she found out about this group called ‘’the Salon’’ and they automatically became her family.

Entrepreneurial spirit can flourish everywhere. Sometimes, it can even save your life.

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