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Kicking off, EUStartGees

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

January was an important month for us, finally, we met and were able to start working together in a programme that aims to support up to 240 young migrants with their business ideas. The programme will allow them to incubate new ideas and accelerate existing businesses.

Project Managers, Coordinators, Project Leaders and experts in Migrant Entrepreneurship are the people behind EUStartGees.

EUStartGees is a co-financed programme by the European Commission to support refugees and migrants to design, develop and grow their business ideas and build successful enterprises. The programme is focused on young migrants are see entrepreneurship or self-employment as an option to succeed in their hosting community. It will be implemented in Austria, Spain, Italy and Finland, and supported by Germany.

This programme has gather experienced organisations in the field and aim to bring their networks together and knowhow to build a unique one.

The consortium group is conformed and led by Fondazione Eris based in Milan, Italy and joined by Phoenix Ra and their initiative Startup Refugees, located in Northern Finland, IVC located in Madrid, Spain, Chapter #2 located in Bages, Barcelona, Spain and OESB Consulting located in 12 cities in Austria. The group will be supported by the 6th partner, Migration Hub Network for its expertise and bringing best practices from the previous project Me4Change.

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