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Migrants and refugees community at the times of Covid-19

In these hard times, collecting info about how the COVID-19 is impacting on people is key. At the EUStartGees project, we recommend you to take part in ApartTogether survey, studying the impact of COVID-19 on migrant and refugee mental health and well-being.

At the EUStartGees project, we do care about our migrapreneurs, and these special times are showing us that everyone but the most vulnerable need to be listened to for understanding how they feel and how we can support them. That is why we strongly recommend the ApartTogether, a survey aiming to better understand how asylum applicants, undocumented migrants and recently arrived newcomers across Europe experience the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they deal with any challenges caused by it. The study is coordinated by Ghent University and a research consortium of academics linked to European Universities. The findings of the survey will be available to the public on the ApartTogether website and its social media channels. The insights from the study will provide policy and decision-makers, NGOs and EU-funded programmes, such as EUStartGees the necessary information needed to better support migrants and refugees during and after this global health crisis impacting all the sides of our lives. The online survey has been translated into 30 languages and consists of 30 questions, which cover socio-demographic details, COVID-19-symptoms and preventative measures, daily stressors, psychological and social well-being, stigmatization and coping. You can easily fill it out using your smartphone, laptop or other handheld devices. Your opinion matters! Fill in the questionnaire here:

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