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The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #1: How Carolina Guerra from Ecuador started her own business

“At that moment i realized that a door was closing and a new chapter in my life was about to begin. Thanks to my skills I had a new key in my hand to open a large door full of hope and new ideas.”

In this interview, we are featuring Carolina Guerra, a “bold” 34-year-old woman from Ecuador. She will tell us how a short trip to Italy about 11 years ago has changed her entire life.

Being an incredibly open-minded and cheerful person, Carolina gladly shares with us her own experience in starting and developing business and tells about the worst and best moments on the way:

“I think determination, passion and dedication with which we do things is very important.”

She is confident that “a winner is a dreamer who never gives up” and therefore recommends to all those who just begin their entrepreneurial journey to continuously learn and improve their skills.

What is Carolina passionate about? Who are her personal heroes? How does she imagine her future? And what does success mean to her?

Find out more about our Brave Entrepreneur and tune in our YouTube channel for the 1st episode.

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Let’s bring attention and spread the positivity of migrant entrepreneurship all over the world!

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