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The EUStartGees entrepreneurial journey: ESG DEMO DAY in collaboration with Migration Jam

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

The EUStartGees entrepreneurial journey: come and watch the ESG DEMO DAY event while new aspiring migrant entrepreneurs pitch their ideas!

From September 25, ingenuity, drive and innovative ideas are at the center of the event when 8 aspiring migrant entrepreneurs share their innovative ideas developed along an intense training and mentoring programme in the past few months. This year, EUstartGees in collaboration with Migration Jam, will create a space for migrants to pitch their business, when the Demo Days event goes online as part of a full 4 day program from September 25 to September 28.

Everything will be available between September 25-28 with live pitches, storytelling through food making, Q&A panels with startup experts and potential investors - and much more! Save your date on September 28 if you want to listen to our brave entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas and telling their inspiring stories!

It is bubbling with creativity and innovative ideas in the minds of the migrants and that is why we at EUstartGees are proud to represent these brave entrepreneurs in collaboration with Migration Jam through their flagship 3-days event, the Munchgration. This is going to be amazing: food and cooking is a great way to gather people together, gain insight into another culture, its history and identity. All this with the ability to see new opportunities is an incredibly strong combination when it comes to nurturing the migrant entrepreneurs of the future.

When we share in communal eating and tell our stories with one another, a different space opens up for collective vulnerability and mutual understanding

Gain insight and good advice

All migrant participants are in the idea stage of their business aspirations and through Demo Days they get a unique opportunity to present their ideas to a bundle of specialists who are experienced entrepreneurs and investors, but ultimately to the great audience attending the Munchgration event! The migrant entrepreneurs will test themselves during their pitches, to show their talents, their vision for the future, to validate what they learnt during the FREE entrepreneurial support programme delivered by the EUStartGees initiative, and against all odds, showing resilience during a tough time such as the pandemic one!

They will receive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their innovative ideas, which is intended to encourage and motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs in their further achievements. One, however, will go home with the title as Best ESG Startup Idea.

A sneak peak of some of the expected migrapreneurs:

Max Laboudallah

“I am Max Laboudallon, I was born in Seychelles and I managed a multi-ethnic, recreational and disco-pub in Italy for about 10 years. I have always made work coexist with my passion for music and live-performances, even in the theater, where I have had various experiences as an extra and performer. However, I would like to work in the world of catering, and create, design and make people discover the tastes and flavors of tropical products from my land all over the world”

Billo Keita

“Mother of 4 children, Senegalese, I have been in Italy since 2001. Despite my training as an industrial electronic engineer, I am passionate about cooking. This passion recently led me to attend a pastry course. Currently, I work as a cleaner for the Pandora cooperative in Milan. The passion for cooking was born from when I was little, from when I was 9 I cooked for my family, for my 8 brothers and for my religious community in Senegal and Italy. Now I would like to transform the best of all this into an initiative for my community and that of other migrants in Italy”

René Merlos

“I am René Merlos, originally from El Salvador and a political refugee. I have been living in Milan for 3 years and since I was very young I have had experiences of self-employment. As a child, in fact, every Sunday, I sold sorbets on the cycle path of my country. After graduating in Economics and obtaining a master's degree in social media management, I founded my own digital marketing company which I had to leave before coming to Italy. My experience in Italy has taught me that I can do what I have decided to do. I want to help people, it's my passion. Being able to be a support system and a guide for those who come to Italy is my dream. Everyone, if motivated and guided, can be a (positive) change for the Italian society”

Migration Jam is behind and the arranger of Munchgration in collaboration with WE Organization and EUstartGees.

EUstartGees is behind and the organizer of Demo Days in collaboration with Migration Jam.

Migration Jam: is a social enterprise that empowers mindsets to change internal and external adopted stories. Their vision is for a world in which refugees are empowered from within. The purpose of their social enterprise is to build the agency of refugees through a series of global events and social media campaigns.

Amal Jibril, the founder, aims to unite people, exchange stories and inspire each other. You will have the chance to see Amal, as she’s our Jury member at the DEMO DAY!

Amal Jibril

“Amal Jibril is a social entrepreneur who founded Migration Jam. Her current mission is to make positive refugee stories go viral through broadcasting stories that can help change the outlook on refugees. She’s very passionate about being of service to humanity in a creative, non-conventional, and impactful way. She’s specifically very passionate about refugees and youth empowerment and her work in Migration Jam is geared towards that direction. "

WE organization is actively developing various projects in order to tackle Xenophobia, build bonds and promote social inclusion. WE organization is committed to breaking barriers & building bridges through the power of dialogue and "understanding via interaction".

The speakers:


Migrant entrepreneurs who will pitch their idea:

Demo Day will be held on September 28, 2020 at 5.00 PM CET.

Munchgration will be held online on September 25, 26 and 27, 2020.

Register here:

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