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The Programme

EUStartGees has designed a support programme, that aims to offer specialised training and mentoring. This includes the promotion of professional competences, support in growing and setting up migrant’s businesses from the idea stage as well as developing MVPs (Minimum ViableProducts) to pre-launch their product to the market.


In order to do so, EUStartGees will be providing a network of support for refugees entrepreneurs, developed by the Consortium partners, so refugees can have access to specialists, complimentary workshops, meet-ups, and co-working spaces. The programme will be divided into 3 main stages:

The programme will be divided into 3 main stages:

1. “Connect!”


Assessment of the initial idea and motivation


2. “Think & Design!”


Incubation process and validation of the main product


3. “Grow!”


The acceleration process, which will support existing products to connect and grow their business throughout a network and investment opportunities.

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