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Stories of MigrantChampions



The German bureaucratic system is well-known for its strict and complex procedures and for its high-level language.  A German StartUp founded by three Syrians is aiming to disrupt the German bureaucratic system with an app. Their technology will support newcomers and even locals, to understand complicated procedures with ease. The app is available in three languages: Arabic, English and German.


The three Syrians are working hand-in-hand with local authorities to make a business case in Berlin, Germany, one of the toughest cities when it comes to paperwork. It can be scaled up throughout the country afterwards.​ is a social media platform for talent discovery and sports merchandising.

Founded by Kelly, a Nigerian migrant based in Italy, Knowmytalent has different categories in sports and entertainments, Talents or Scouts creates their profiles by signing up and selecting their category of talent/skills, each category is designed with its Homepage and Trending News section where Talents’ uploaded images or videos are seen by every user in that category. A Talent also has the opportunity to ensure his/her video is displayed at the Trending News Section by taking advantage of our affordable charges for post promotions, this boost makes their post be seen by users on every category.


KnowMyTalent creates an opportunity for Talents to meet with Mentors, Colleagues, Fans and Scouts in their similar field of interest, thereby exposing them to the right environment and platform for growth and skills development.


Users can chat, like and share their videos to other social media platforms like Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter and Youtube.



Kelly Chidi-Ogbonna