The Brave Entrepreneurs

These are stories from our times, about brave entrepreneurs who created great companies and others in the process of doing so.

Enjoy our "Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series" and "Brave Entrepreneurs Podcast"!

The Brave Entrepreneurs Series will share with the world the positivity that comes out of the EuStartGees programme.

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #1:

How Carolina Guerra from Ecuador started her own business in Italy 

“At that moment I realized that a door was closing and a new chapter in my life was about to begin. Thanks to my skills I had a new key in my hand to open a large door full of hope and new ideas.”

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #2: meet Salam Kanhoush


Salam Kanhoush, a 28 years old originally from a small town in Syria. He became a refugee at 16 and has been living there since then. 

Salam through determination adapted with the culture, food  and way of life of the Sudanese. 
He then went ahead to focus on his dreams by starting his first ever voluntary work. 

This was in 2018 and in order to get this done, he had to ditch his football career which blossomed while he was in Syria. Of Course, this was for the greater good. Salam got his inspiration from the ‘Kind’ people of Sudan who embraced him and made him feel safe and at home. In return he shared what he learnt and this is how it all began.


Tune in to the full episode! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #3: Ana Lucía Olivos Pairazamán


Ana Lucía Olivos Pairazamán was born in Lima (Peru) and she has been living in Barcelona since 1992.  She has Master’s Degree in Political Sciences from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in International Cooperation from University of Valencia (UV) and in Immigration Management from Pompeu Fabra University.

Currently, Ana Lucía works as a Coordinator at InnoBA - Barcelona Activa that offers activities, specialised services and incubation and experimentation spaces based around the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and Socio-Economic Innovation.

In 2018, Ana Lucía became a Member of the European Migrant Advisory Board (EMAB), a self-led group of advisors with refugee and immigrant backgrounds, working together to increase the participation of refugees and immigrants in different policy-making processes affecting their access to rights. 


Tune in to the full episode! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #4: Aida Aicha Bodian


In this Episode we present to you Aida Aicha Bodian and her inspiring story. She was born in Senegal, has spent her childhood in Italy and finally moved to France. For this reason, she likes to call herself “a citizen of the world”.
Aida is a Luxury Fashion Sales Advisor and works as a freelancer in the field of digital communication and marketing at the same time. 

She has vast experience as a Web Content Editor and Social Media Manager. Moreover, Aida is a founder and editor of "Nebua World", a community that through fashion promotes the beauty of diversity and empowers black women, providing useful tools for their personal and professional growth.


Tune in to the full episode! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #5: Walid O. El Cheikh


In this episode, we introduce to you Walid O El Cheikh, an inspirational entrepreneur from Finland. Walid is a pitching coach, who has trained thousands of people, starting with startup founders and executives and now coaching almost anyone from students to managers, ambassadors, government officials, and many others. Besides that, he is also the author of the book “Pitching for life”, a mentor, and a lecturer.

He has a background in entrepreneurship, hospitality, and sales. At the same time as building his business, he obtained a Masters's degree in Entrepreneurship.

Walid is passionate about his job, saying that he loves helping people to get closer to their dreams and goals in life via pitching. Further on he believes that an entrepreneur is a person that is free, and who with sacrifices takes full advantage of opportunities, and that is exactly how he identifies himself.


Tune in to the full episode! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #6: Suha Nabhan


The 6th episode of the Brave Entrepreneurs series is out!

We’re glad to introduce you to Suha Nabhan, a brave activist originally from Syria. Suha is an experienced strategic communications professional with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. However, she always finds some time for volunteering which, she admits, is a huge source of energy that enriches her soul! 

Currently, Suha works on the creation of an online platform to support the artists in the Middle East, mostly on issues relating to communication and networking.

Tune in now and dive into Suha’s passionate and #inspiring story! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs Video Series #7: Helena Moço Lopes

WOW, already the 7th episode of the Brave Entrepreneurs series is out!


We are happy to introduce you to Helena Moço Lopes, Founder and Director of Abrazo Cultural in Barcelona, a non-profit organisation that promotes interculturality through language courses and specialized training, taught by refugees and immigrants from more than 10 different countries, embracing cultural, ethnic, linguistic and gender diversity. Her passion is to meet different people and hear their stories, observing the way they see the world!


Helena originally is from Brazil but has been living in Barcelona for 5 years now. She is the granddaughter of Spanish and Portuguese immigrants who fled the civil war and the economic situation in their countries and went to Brazil. She was eager to return to the origins of the family, which is a part of who she is.


Among her brave tips, Helena advises others who dare to dream big, to take the ideas off the paper, and start acting! Entrepreneurship is about doing, it is a journey of trial and error, and the best way to start is simply to take the first step.


Press play and dive into Helena's passionate and #inspiring story!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #1: Billo Keita


So excited to present Billo Keita’ story from Senegal! This amazing woman proves that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams! 

In her 50s, Billo is full of new ideas and plans.

In this episode, Billo shares the story of her life and one of her dreams she is determined to make real! Being African, Billo knows how vital it is to feel a sense of belonging to a community. That's why she decided to create an open space for an African community where they could cook and spend time together with their families. 


Eager to know how Billo came up with this genuine #business idea and who helped her on the way?

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #2: Salam Kanhoush


We present to you Salam Kanhoush, a 28 yrs old originally from a small town in Syria. He became a refugee in 2016.

Through the determination, Salam adapted with the culture, food and way of life of the Sudanese. Then he went ahead to focus on his dreams by starting his first-ever voluntary work.

He got his inspiration from the kind people of Sudan who embraced him and made him feel safe and at home. In return, he shared what he learnt and this is how it all began.

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The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #3: Suha Nabhan


Meet Suha Nabhan, a brave, inspiring young lady who lives in Istanbul. She has three years experience of working in Sales, Public Speaking and has demonstrated leadership through these fields. Suha started a voluntary project for females in Syria so that they can find a way to financially sustain themselves especially in the pro-regime areas. She also volunteered in story-telling projects where she tried to support Syrian artists through social media.

Find out more on the brave entrepreneurs series Podcast!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #4: Ary Maruffo


Check out the interview with our guest Ary Maruffo, the Mexican activist, feminist, fashion designer and a changemaker! She shows how resilience and big dreams help you pass through the hard times and change the community!

Find out more on the brave entrepreneurs series Podcast!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #5: Tala Al Tawil


In this episode, our interviewee Tala Al Tawil from Syria, tells us about the journey of her life full of amazing opportunities!

Tala has always been passionate about learning and took every single chance to get new knowledge and experience. As a result, she was fortunate to get a scholarship for studying Political Sciences at the American University of Beirut and the American University.

Tala also did an internship at several international organisations. Being an intern at the International Rescue Committee Tala worked closely with UNICEF. Also, she took part in the Women Employability Program (WEP) focused on removing barriers refugee women face after coming to the United States.

Tala is sure that every single thing we go through makes us stronger! Turn on to hear more!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #6: Sawsan Raslan

Episode 6 is featuring Sawsan Raslan, an inspiring testimonial, a real Role Model of her community!

Sawsan is an ambitious young woman from Syria, she believes in the power of change. She is passionate about volunteer work related to women’s empowerment, protecting the environment, and promoting education. That’s why we can see her among the other great people, who created and support the Initiatives of Change in Switzerland!

That’s why she became one of the co-founders of the World Wide women, a platform collecting and sharing great stories around relevant changes to women make from day to day.

Sawsan has been recently awarded at the JCI national public speaking competition!

Tune in and get the chance to listen to this young lady story, her ambitions, and get inspired.

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #7: Menna Shanin and Max Haartsen

Welcome to our Episode #7 from The Brave Entrepreneurs #Podcast!


We are featuring today an amazing inspiring couple, entrepreneurs, and the change-makers Menna Shanin and Maxim Haartsen!


They got an idea of creating a startup when having dinner at the restaurant! Menna, a pharmacist from Egypt, and her husband Max, a professional in biomedicine, majored in life sciences in the Netherlands, realised how much food is actually wasted all over the globe in the whole food industry.


Their answer to this sustainable problem was the creation of the mobile app Tekeya, a Digital Market Place that connects Hotels, Restaurants, and Groceries having perfectly fresh surplus food with consumers who want to get a fresh meal at a reduced price and at the same time securing a continued supply of freely donated surplus food to Charity Organizations for those in need.


Menna Shahin is also well known for being an Egyptian Social Entrepreneur and Role Model, because of the creation of “She Travels”— an Initiative for Underprivileged Women in Egypt for helping them expand their horizon! Menna says: “When women in our region aren’t usually experiencing different life situations, they miss much about themselves and their capabilities. When they travel, they don’t only learn more about other cultures and people outside of their common circles, but they also learn mostly about themselves”.


So that’s what she’s doing from day to day, empower women to change their lives! Read more about the initiatives in Flair magazine here or Inside Arabia here.

Check it out!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #8: Salma Zulfiqar

Welcome to our Episode #8 from The Brave Entrepreneurs #Podcast!


We are featuring today an amazing lady, founder, and director of ARTconnects4Solidarity, Award-winning International Artist and Women's Rights Activist Salma Zulfiqar. 

Salma is a visual artist who is helping raise migrant voices and their rights through different art and other projects. Her current creative projects, such as ARTconnects & The Migration Blanket, focus on empowering refugee and migrant women by promoting integration, peace and tolerance to stop hate crimes and extremism.

One of the projects - the Migration Blanket - is an art installation created by Salma with refugee and migrant women in Birmingham. This exhibition explores the struggles, hopes, and dreams of refugee and migrant women through art.

Salma hopes migrants and refugees will receive solidarity in the future and will continue receiving the support they really need. She relies on the strong Migration policy, based on humanity and solidarity, which will make a difference for the people with refugee and migrant backgrounds.

Tune in now to this truly inspiring story!

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #9: Chiara Dalla Libera


Episode #9 and we welcome our first ever Italian guest - Chiara Dalla Libera!


Though she’s Italian she can be linked to plenty of different countries, due to her passion for moving and adapting to new countries and cultures. Some of the countries include the Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, The UK, and the Netherlands.

While her CV is more corporate, Chiara tries to nourish her passion for culture in her free time by organizing cultural events, volunteering at local festivals, and writing or designing for travel websites. Something recurrent in her path is her longing for moving and living in different countries.

Her passion for culture, languages, and new adventures, is a huge part of her inspiring story!

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The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #10:  Viviana M. Calderón de la Barca


It’s time for the #10 episode of our Brave Entrepreneurs Series! And who’s better to celebrate with than inspiring and lovely Viviana M. Calderon de la Barca!


What makes this woman so inspiring and worth listening to? 


She is an educator who turned into a documentary and fiction screenwriter, tackling and exploring cross-cultural realities and cultural development after a post-migrant experience, through the lens of the personal case. In her work she merges her love for culture and adds a touch of her individual background  (originally Mexican, who lived in Canada and now resides in the Netherlands), making her work truly relatable and touching. 


As she has wisely shared with us in the podcast, one needs to make peace with where they come from, where they are, and where they want to go. And this mentality resonates in her work, such as in the lovely short documentary film Life is a Journey (2019). 


We kindly invite you to catch this episode on one of the many platforms, especially if you want to experience the joy of life through the positive and inspiring  Viviana’s vision! 

The Brave Entrepreneurs podcast #11:  James Maposa


Episode #11 of our Brave Entrepreneurs Series is here! And we have the honor of introducing James Maposa!

James' life journey is really inspiring because he followed his dream.  He was born in Zimbabwe and as a young man, he finished the National University of Science and Technology with a first-class honors degree. But that field wasn't his dream or passion, because he always was interested in business.  So now James is living in South Africa and he is the founder of Birguid and co-founder of WeAreValora.

James has also released two anthologies through his independent publishing company and released a mixtape titled Late but Still Great Volume 1. One of his anthologies you can hear by listening to the podcast.

When Listening to the podcast, you can feel James' confidence, his positive vibe for life and business, the inspiration he gives to the world, enjoy!

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